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Main identification signs, big dollars but bigger impact!

All of us have been to restaurants or shops we never noticed until a friend told us about them. It turned out to be a great place! We've driven by it a million times and never noticed it. Why? There was probably one thing missing. An effective main identification sign.

They can be large 50ft pylons or smaller monuments, or flag mounted building signs for main streets with limited or no frontage. Sized and designed appropriately, they are extremely effective for advertising and identification of businesses. Without them, many businesses get lost in the crowd.

Why do businesses forgo the obvious benefits? Many reasons can account for it, but price can be a deterrent. Building mounted letters or a single faced cabinet are almost always less expensive and are absolutely needed to bring customers in. But, the main identification sign is extremely effective for advertising the business brand and location to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Organizations such as the International Sign Association and the Sign Research Foundation are great resources for information showing the effectiveness of signs bringing customers to the business. We at Weitz Sign are happy to partner with you in any way we can to supply information as well as being your manufacturing partner for all signs and letters.

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