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Routed Push Through Letters

This is the first in a series of 10 posts, by Weitz Sign Company, highlighting the wholesale sign industry and its products.

Today's post features "routed push through letter" signs. If you are looking for a highly customized, classy look and a look that jumps out at you, then routed push through letter signs are a great option.

This method features sign lettering with depth, style and trim detail similar to the distinguished look that adding crown molding provides in a home.

The letters, that form the stand-out feature of these signs are made through a process involving "computer numeric control" or CNC. This process ensures the integrity of the cuts, minimizing errors and providing a clean, crisp look. These letters, when illuminated, provide excellent lighting on their face and extend a bright halo of light outward, making them particularly eye-catching in the dark.

Push through routed letter signs can be found on multi-tenant signs and in signs for professional service firms like; banks, architectural & engineering and financial services.

These signs make an instant impression on anyone who views them and are excellent additions to any building gateway or main access point.

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